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About The Inspection - Helpful Things To Know
& Day of Inspection Information
Buyers & Sellers Will Benefit From a Home Inspection

    A home inspection is evaluation of a home's condition by a trained professional. The inspection is conducted with all fairness and impartiality to all. A thorough written report with InterNACHI guidelines provides disclosure of visible defects and or conditions that will effect the function of the home. The buyer will be informed of the condition of the purchase. The seller will increase the home's marketability and eliminate last minute repairs that slow down the selling process.

 Every Home Requires Inspection

    Any home that is being purchased or sold should be inspected, regardless of age. Even new homes may have structural and mechanical problems that can be revealed by a home inspector.

   AN InterNACHI Member Will Inspect:

    * Property
     * Roofing & structure components
     * Foundation and structural support
     * HVAC - Heating ventilation & air conditioning
     * Electrical System
     * Basement & crawl space systems
     * Interior & exterior
     * Plumbing
     * Attached garage(s) - carports

   A InterNACHI Member Can Reduce Risk

    A home inspection's purpose is to reduce the amount of risk involved with a real estate transaction. It does not eliminate all the dangers, but a InterNACHI member can identify problems that the consumer would not. An inspection will definitely better inform you of a home's condition.

    A Home Inspections Is Not:

   * A pass/fail examination
    * A warranty or guarantee
    * An inspection into inaccessible area
    * Intended to determine whether the house complies with local codes.

   Get The Most Out Of A Home Inspection By:

   * Attending the inspection
   * Asking questions
   * Taking notes during the inspection
   * Reading the inspection report

    Only Professionals Are InterNACHI Members

   A NAHI inspector is well qualified with experience in all phases of home inspection. InterNACHI members meet the standards of excellence and follow strict rules that are stated in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Every interNACHI'S applicant's credentials are reviewed to assure that members have the training and experience necessary to conduct a professional home inspection.

"Important Information For Day of Inspection - Buyer"
​   * Plan to attend the inspection. It would be beneficial for all buyers to attend, however, we ask 
     that no children be brought to the inspection.

  * Bring the Pre-Inspection Agreement (PIA) along to the inspection, or you can mail it with your payment prior to 
     the inspection.

  * Bring the Seller's Disclosure document along to the inspection.

  * Bring a camera and tape measure if you desire your own pictures and measurement.

  * You are welcome to follow the inspector and ask questions as well as take your own notes for referral. Naturally
    the inspection report will document the most important issues.

  * The normal sequence of the inspection is to start on the outside, then basement and work up through home.

  * A normal inspection last 1 1/2 to 2 hours (+ or -).

  * Note: The inspection is a visual inspection of the major systems. There is no warranty or guarantee.

  * The completed inspection report will be E-mailed to you the following day. If desired, a hard-copy can be mailed
     to you upon request.